Putting the Real World On the Blockchain

The medium of digital art is continuing to evolve and transform through technology and the world is spellbound by the NFT revolution sweeping across blockchain powered marketplaces and fine art auction houses alike. EcoFi is in front of the pack with ongoing platform development, partnerships, and exciting innovations that help to set our platform apart as a leading pioneer in world’s first NFTs, tied to physical objects, that confer fractionalized ownership upon those in possession.

Development Update

We have recently redeployed our NFT minting contracts and deployed an additional contract to address OpenSea transparency and allow users to see which EcoFi NFTs are backed by real-world assets, and which are not.

We believe that community safety and transparency are core tenets of EcoFi, and we are committed to developing features that take what is real and put it on the blockchain. Stay tuned for more EcoFi development updates.

Hype Marketplace

Trading on Hype marketplace is now easier than ever. Sign in at http://hyp.eco, and follow the steps to connect your wallet and buy EcoFi NFTs backed by real world fine-art for SPRT, ECO, and ETH today. Hype is the only NFT marketplace in the world where the NFTs represent factionalized ownership of museum quality masterworks. Collect every NFT in a given set and we will send the art to you! Start building your collection today.



We are excited about our partnership with Revest, who is introducing one of a kind FNFTs with configurable unlocking features that open up new worlds of possibility. Revest built collateralized derivatives into a transferable medium, creating a marketplace for value swapping that will breathe new life into the world of blockchain trading.


Oh by the way, we’re also excited to announce our partnership with Lukso. Our development team is currently hard at work to implement support to facilitate the forthcoming launch of Lukso’s exclusive marketplace on the EcoFi platform. EcoFi celebrates Lukso by participating and ultimately winning Lukso’s auction of a kind NFT dress: “Lambada Dyed Red White Blue ‘’ for $300,000, the proceeds of which will have been donated to LGBTQIA+ charities. The dress itself represents the blood sweat and tears of those who have suffered in the LGBTQIA+ community at the hands of oppressors. https://www.instagram.com/p/CT0B34Opp_r/?utm_medium=copy_link

With all these partnerships and project development, EcoFi has continued to show amazing growth as we meet our milestones, without any significant marketing outside of organic word of mouth. All of that is thanks to our community. As a special thank you to the members of our community who have helped build us up so much, we have airdropped 200,000 SPRT to ECO holders who are currently staking. We look forward to more surprises like this in the future, so remember to buy and stake ECO to start earning SPRT and start building your EcoFi NFT collection now.

Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/g0x7UHHvtmc5MTc0
Website https://ecofi.io/
Twitter https://twitter.com/finance_eco




Sprouting the future of DeFi & NFT’s

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Sprouting the future of DeFi & NFT’s

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