EcoFi ECOSystem Recap

We’ve seen a lot of momentum in the marketplace, and in the meantime, EcoFi has been forging partnerships, developing our marketing strategy, and planning one of a kind events and campaigns.


The gallery of fractionally distributed art is growing, and we’re excited offer a glimpse of what’s coming next to with an exclusive sneak peak of our upcoming #FreshMintFriday:

Marketplace Momentum

As Ethereum and Bitcoin reach all time highs, attention continues to focus on the growing value of the NFT ecosystem. Transcending the concept of ledgers and cryptographic timestamped verification, NFTs represent a unique synergy between art and technology, the alchemy of which has captivated the world over.

While markets soar to new heights, developers are doubling down on innovation, establishing compelling use cases and building utility into systems that integrate NFT-based mechanics. Keep an eye out for news on how EcoFi is planning to expand the platform as the bright and exciting world of the NFT metaverse begins to take shape!

Token Lockup

As announced EcoFi is the first team ever to lock up tokens with Revest, for a grand total of 8 million ECO locked up for 18 months. 1 million ECO is designated to 18 FNFTs that will release 55.5k ECO tokens back to the market per month over the course of 18 months. EcoFi’s lockup of team tokens reinforces our commitment to the community and the growth of our platform.

Upcoming Events

The EcoFi team will be representing this November at NYC NFT. Come and find us!

This December we’re also participating in the renowned Art Basel Miami Beach exhibition, and hosting a VIP party on an 80 foot yacht. Keep your eyes peeled for details about the event and how you can win an exclusive opportunity to join us!

The future is racing towards us and EcoFi is on the cutting edge! Get your ECO today and start staking at to earn SPRT and start building your own fractionalized NFT artwork collection today!




Sprouting the future of DeFi & NFT’s

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Sprouting the future of DeFi & NFT’s

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