EcoFi and Alchemist team up to reward the community

EcoFi is excited to announce that our liquidity partner Alchemist has launched an ECO staking pool on their platform, with a 10x multiplier for 60k SPRT over the next 60 days.

SPRT is the native token driving value throughout all EcoFi NFT marketplaces backed by physical objects. Spend SPRT on physical NFTs and begin building your collection today at Hyp.Eco.

To reap these exclusive rewards, users will need to obtain a Crucible. Find minting instructions here, or visit OpenSea and purchase one off the secondary market.

Next, visit, connect your Web3 wallet, go to the Reward Programs section of the site, and click Subscribe under EcoFi.

Updates from EcoFi

We’ve seen a lot of momentum in the marketplace, and in the meantime, EcoFi has been forging partnerships, developing our marketing strategy, and planning one of a kind events and campaigns.


The gallery of fractionally distributed art is growing, and we’re excited offer a glimpse of what’s coming next to…


This past Tuesday we had an AMA with EcoFinance. Their team joined our channel for a quick Q&A about their project. EcoFi is an open-source, permissionless, and censorship-resistant protocol built to power safe and responsible innovation in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and NFT space. …


Hey EcoFi Community!

We want to express our deepest gratitude to all the beta users who have helped us secure the platform while our development team has been heads down working on HYPE’s further development. …

AMA : EcoFi

Mission :
I was actually talking to a friend about a similar idea, but we decided it would be too difficult to execute : so it goes without saying that I’m very impressed with the project so far. Thanks for coming by to discuss it.

Before we start, can you…


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